CourseDescriptionCourse Syllabus
Level 1In the 27 classes of level 1 we will teach the fundamentals of astrology. The student will be able to form a sketchy picture of the person, his character, mindset and the pattern of his destiny. The classes will make the students proficient in understanding the 12 houses, the 12 signs and the nine planets. They will be able to interpret the various configurations of placement , aspect and conjunctions (PAC) of planets in the chartView Level 1 syllabus
Level IILevel II will empower them to correctly interpret more puzzling and complex combinations through yogas, dasha systems and transit. Yogas and Dashas are considered the predictive tools which are the exclusive strength of Vedic Astrology. They will be taught to predict events related to marriage, children career, health and happiness ,etc and also taught to elect muhurtas (auspicious time for important activities). They will be equipped with two dashes- yogini and vimshottari to interpret.the events.View Level II syllabus
Level IIILevel III has been planned for teaching the advance techniques and powerful systems like Jaimini. The finer points in analysis of horoscope will be taught. They will be introduced to concepts like Ashtakvarga, Varshphala, shapable, longevity assessment, Prashna shatra principles. The will be also taught the composite technique by which pinpointed correct predictions can be made.View Level III syllabus
Level IVLevel IV IT will cater to aspirations of those who have leant the technical part of the different techniques and want to sharpen their predictive skills through a collective effort. They will be given an opportunity to present their findings through research in our different platforms. They will be awarded for sparkling brilliant thoughts and can be inducted into our faculty.View Level IV syllabus