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Trikaalastro.com is the online Astrology teaching project of E-easy Solutions Private Limited. Trikaalastro.com offers online, live and interactive classes of Vedic Astrology by the renowned teachers of the field. Our classrooms are well-equipped with latest technology to give you the best classes. We offer the most convenient timings for students who wish to delve into the field of Astrology. Apart from Astrology, our company also runs projects of online live and interactive Yoga classes by pukka Indian Yoga masters for both Indian and International students. Providing interactive English classes online is yet another important project that offers classes from spoken English to Voice and Accent Training by native English teachers to Indian and International students. The vision of our company is to provide the best education through online platform for the best of all those who are keen to learn.

Illustrative method of Online Astrology Teaching
Illustrative Teaching

The online teaching has a definite advantage over traditional classroom teaching in terms of illustrations. We teach astrology by explaining the principles & concepts which are absorbed and retained. We keep in mind that the students come from different age groups and backgrounds.

Live and Interactive Astrology Teaching Classes
Live and Interactive

Students can ask questions after every live class. If it is felt that the concept needs to be explained with more examples for proper understanding, it is done in the next class. The feedback from students will be monitored and considered on a regular basis.

Learn Vedic Indian Astrology Online at your convenient time and do predictions
convenient Timings

The online class saves one from travelling long distances to the institutions. People can attend the class sitting and enjoying tea in the comfort of their living room. They can choose the timings according to their own convenience.

Levels of online Astro Learning Services
Levels of Learning

We offer classes at four levels - I, II, III, IV. This will cater to the requirements of beginners, those furthering their skills and researchers. We will also have panel discussions on select topics where experts will participate.

our service

Our Astrology Gurus have designed the courses which are easy to understand, systematic and ensure that you learn astrology in the most convenient way. The Question and Answer window of opportunity, in every class, has been offered to clear all your doubts.


The basic astrology course enables 3 months of convenient learning for beginners.


Just 2 classes a week at a time convenient for you.


Each class has interactive sessions to clarify your queries immediately.


Our astrology teachers simplify the learning process.


Our advanced astrology course is open to all students who complete the basic course.


We have a 24x7 support system for any queries related to the courses offered.

simple easy and interactive approach

Our learned gurus know how to bring out perfection in students by ensuring that they learn the science of Astrology easily and quickly.

our team of gurus

Meet our team of Gurus who will be teaching you the most advanced science of Astrology. They will help you become aware of the myths created by some professional astrologers and understand the science behind astrology.

Deepak Bisaria


Akhila Kumar




Devi Dayal Gairola



Astrology is the bridge between Para and Apara Vidya. Through its learning, one can reach the spiritual path for the quest beyond mundane life and to understand the purpose of life better. The other important utility of astrology is that it can help one to plan life which is full of uncertainties. A genuine, morally sound astrologer devoted to the well-being of the society can provide better advice on education, career, marriage as well as a better psychological and medical counselling than the existing professionals of today.

The Beliefs and Practices
1st May 2016 30 25  

The beliefs and practices, earlier frowned upon the practise of teaching astrology to people lower in caste and women. Astrology has to be taught to the deserving, irrespective of caste, religion, nationality and gender.

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Digital Age
7th May 2016 30 25  

In the present day digital age, mathematical ability is not required so much. From the internet and books available, one can have easy access to the significations of nakshatras and grahas. What remains is devotion and good moral values. With this in mind, we want to hunt sparkling talent which can take astrology to greater heights.

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Astrology is a super science
15th May 2016 30 25  

It was created by our maharishis with their supernatural powers, acquired through meditative and yogic practices. Due to foreign invasions during the last thousand years, it remained confined to the families practicing astrology.

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